The founder of M Activewear, Anis M is the owner of a fitness centre in a neighbourhood of predominantly Muslim residents. Naturally 90% of her gym members are Muslims. Over the years, she observed how the female members dressed for workouts and realized that these women are deprived of technical activewear that are modest and trendy.

So she set out to create a line of activewear that is not only technical but also modest and modern. An activewear that would allow women to participate in active lifestyle without feeling out-of-place, look and technical wise. Every garment has been carefully designed to consider the movement without sacrificing the requirements for modesty.

The result is a line of activewear that is different that the ones you have seen before.


Crafted to meet the modest
requirements of the modern woman


Designed technically to allow movement
required for performance


Inspired by today’s modern
women wardrobe
Our Vision
M Activewear's ultimate vision is to give Muslim women the power of movement and confidence while preserving their modesty